5 Weird Places to Visit in Australia

by Online Hotelier on May 25, 2012

If you’re tired of resorts, “must-see” destinations and packaged tours, maybe it’s time you took a walk on the weird side of Australia. The Land Down Under is full of them; if you know where to look. Here are 5 weird places to visit in Australia that aren’t too far off the beaten track.

Tully Queensland

Just off the Bruce Highway on the way to Cairns in North Queensland, most buses and motorists pass through the outskirts of Tully without giving it a second glance. A few, though, make the town the main reason why they visit Australia. Why?

It all began in 1966, when Tully briefly skyrocketed to fame as the scene of the first crop circle. Called the Tully saucer nest, it was the inspiration for later crop circle hoaxes in Britain. The residents of Tully don’t believe their crop circle was a hoax, though and they think they know who made it. One resident has recorded over 2000 UFO sightings in the forty years she has lived in Tully and other residents of the town, though more reluctant to speak about it, admit to having seen unexplainable phenomena in the Tully skies on more than one occasion.

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Kinglake Victoria

If you’re looking for something a little different to see when you’re in Melbourne, then head about 40 miles outside the center of the city to the charming country town of Kinglake, Victoria. Not only will you enjoy the drive and the scenery, when you get to Kinglake, you’ll be able to see the town’s contribution to modern architecture: a structure built from bottles. Local resident Joseph Eykenbaum painstakingly built the structure over a three year period from 1969 to 1972 out of over 13,000 bottles. Appropriately enough, the bottle house houses a collection of even more bottles, some over 200 years old, as well as, a little less appropriately, over 5000 pairs of shoes. You can top off your visit to Kinglake with a visit to the nearby Dutch windmill, which was made out of over 5000 bottles.

Quarantine Station, Sydney

Australia’s most famous ghost sightings are in former asylums and prisons in the former penal colony of Tasmania, especially around the Port Arthur area. They are famous partly because they are deliberately advertised as such. Sydney has until recently been a little more “hush hush” about Quarantine Station, which used to be where new arrivals landed and many, afflicted by smallpox and other diseases, died. While most of Quarantine Station is now a beautiful conference center and resort, the old hospital, dining area, shower stalls and morgue are said to be home to no less than 55 ghosts. There is probably no other place in Australia where you can enjoy a sophisticated luncheon overlooking the Sydney Harbour by day and then get scared to death at night on a ghost tour of Quarantine Station.

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Picton New South Wales

Also in the Sydney area and also haunted, is the lovely town of Picton. It’s about an hour’s drive south of Sydney, just off the Hume Highway. By day, Picton is a wonderfully tranquil town, but by night, much of the town is said to be haunted. One of the highlights of a Picton ghost tour is the Redbank Range Tunnel, where in 1916 a woman was killed by a train while walking through the tunnel. To this day, apparitions, passing ghostly “breezes” and inexplicable lights are seen in the tunnel with such regularity, even skeptics have been known to become believers.

Hughenden Queensland

If you’re traveling on the Flinders Highway towards the great mining town of Mt. Isa from Townsville on the Queensland coast, don’t forget to stop off in Hughenden. This part of Australia is known for its fossils, but only Hughenden boasts a full sized dinosaur. Officially called a Muttaburrasaurus langdoni, unofficially it is big and impressive looking. It is located in the Flinders Discovery Centre, which also features an equally impressive collection of gems and fossils.

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Jeremy@Hotels Donegal 06.01.12 at 7:44 am

Interesting list of places to visit in Australia. The Tully Queensland is certainly a mystery for the travelers. The Pinnacle desert could also have made to the list.

Migration Expert 06.25.12 at 4:12 am

These are indeed interesting places to visit. And I also want to add Coober Pedy in South Australia. It’s one of the most unusual places in the world, where you’ll find the underground church, and the very unusual grass-less golf course, which is mostly played at night, which is fun, because of the glowing balls.

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