Concierge Services – The Fairy Godmothers of Luxury Holidays

by Online Hotelier on May 14, 2012

Concierge services, to me, are a bit like fairy godmothers. That’s not to say that concierges are magical folk from another realm who will burst into song at the slightest inclination, but they do have the knack of making your wishes and dreams come true (and some of them can sing pretty well too). Your holiday will be like a tailor-made glass slipper, fitting perfectly around you.

Remember that bit in Cinderella when the pumpkin turns into a coach, rags are transformed into a gown and mice become coachmen? By inviting a concierge to plan your holiday, you too shall go to the ball, with all the style, service and splendid accessories you could wish for.

Carriage in the Park
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One service offered by a concierge is the hire of luxury cars and boats. Don’t get stuck with a pumpkin, make sure you have the luxury car, 4×4 or yacht of your dreams by simply telling your concierge what you’re after and letting them take care of it for you.

If you want a chauffeur then this shouldn’t be a problem either. What better way to be delivered to the door of a restaurant or club where you have a VIP reservation?

A Suitable Palace

Once you’ve decided where you want to spend your luxury holiday, let your concierge find the perfect pad to suit your requirements.

Concierge services typically have expert knowledge of the area and will be able to find you luxury villas or apartments in stunning locations. Are you after a private balcony, an infinity pool, or a solid gold bathtub perhaps? Ask and it shall be done.

Fairytale Feasts

On your luxury holiday, why should you be in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove! A concierge can bring in catering staff or even a gourmet chef for the evening to do all the hard work for you.

On the other hand if you fancy dining out, then ask your concierge to make you a reservation at the best restaurant in the area. They will most likely know the staff and be able to get you special treatment and of course, the perfect table.

Mary Poppins

Concierge services can even organise a nanny for the kids, meaning you can spend time romancing and relaxing on your luxury holiday. You can enjoy your fairytale feasts and fancy soirees safe in the knowledge that your kids are being well cared for.

Pampered like a Princess

Concierge services can arrange private yoga, pilates and spa treatments to happen all in the comfort of your luxury villa, meaning that you don’t even have to leave the poolside if you don’t want to.

Let them know what your dream schedule is and they will plan it for you, bringing in local practitioners for your own private sessions and therapies.

Have you ever tried out a concierge service for your holiday? Let us know all about your fairy godmother!

Sophie McGovern writes for Dynamic Lives, a company that organise bespoke holidays and exclusive villas in Europe and Sri Lanka. She enjoys travelling the world and looking for new adventures in interesting places.

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